Since 1925

Zenit Saint Petersburg are the reigning Russian league champions, having claimed their fifth title in May 2019. Their youngsters are appearing at Al Kass International Cup for the first time, following in the footsteps of arch-rivals Spartak Moscow, who finished seventh in the 2019 edition of the tournament.

Zenit are owned and sponsored by the Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom, and they have placed considerable emphasis on youth development. Arguably the most famous product of the Saint Petersburg academy is Andrey Arshavin. The tricky striker is best remembered for scoring four goals for Arsenal at Anfield, in a titanic 4-4 tussle with Liverpool back in 2009.

To find success at Al Kass, the young Russians must negotiate a tricky group that also contains Real Madrid and Sporting Lisbon. Having said that, such is the reputation of Zenit Saint Petersburg that the Spanish and Portuguese sides will also approach the group phase with trepidation.

1 Akim Belokhonov
2 Dmitrii Vasilev
3 Nikita Vershinin
4 Gleb Grigorev
5 Igor Kozlov
6 Ilia Kirsh
7 Iurii Koledin
8 Pavel Kulakov
9 Nikita Luzan
10 Andrei Marianov
11 Bogdan Moskvichev
12 Sergei Muradian
13 Vladislav Putilov
14 Evgenii Pshennikov
15 Kirill Stolbov
16 Aleksei Filimonov
17 Nikita Shershov
18 Evgenii Tonevitskii
19 Ilia Rodionov