February 22, 2020


Al Kass analysts Chris Makin (CM) and Nick Summerbee (NS) discuss the most impressive talents on show in the semi-finals.

CM: I really rate Zaire Emery. He’s just about to turn 14, so he’s playing a year or two below this level. His strength is amazing - he just mops up in front of the back four. His positional sense is incredible for someone at such a young age, and I’ve been really impressed by him.

NS: I would say he is possibly the biggest talent in this tournament. In terms of his physique, he reminds me of Paul McGrath, who was one of Man United and Ireland’s best players in the 1980s. When you think of Emery’s age, just coming up to 14, he’s the one for me.

CM: I’m going to go with Alessandro Marocco, the right back. I’ve been searching for a stand-out defender, and for me he’s been one of the best I’ve watched in this tournament. He plays at right-back, and likes to get forward, but it's his defensive assets which stood out for me really. 

NS: I would say Amadou Sarr, the centre forward. His all-round game is strong. He scored in their first game, and he could be one of the players that fires Inter all the way. Sarr is the full package; he scores goals, has great support play, and he’s good in the air as well. 

CM: I’ve got to go with Nico Paz, their number 10. He’s got a wonderful left foot, and is a very gifted and creative player. Real are slightly different compared to previous years, because they have three quite big players in their frontline who can all score. But Nico Paz looks very silky on the ball, and from free-kicks he’s deadly.

NS: I would agree with that, but Abraham Marina deserves a mention too. He’s shown good form and scored a great long-range goal. It’s between those two, but I’d probably 
go for Paz. He broke his arm just before the tournament, so he’d only played one game, but he’s one of those players who can win a game for you. 

CM: I would have said Mohammed Jazouli, but he is suspended because he got sent off against Rangers. He’s a very strong midfielder, and if they get through he might come back for the final. He’s very similar to Zaire Emery at PSG, playing just in front of the back four – he’s strong, and his positional sense is good.

NS: Omar Sadik is a leader. The team works hard, but he’s the one who leads as the captain. He is a real old-fashioned, aggressive target man who isn’t afraid to put his head in where it hurts. He can score goals in and around the box and if his teammates can provide the crosses, he’s good enough to beat Real Madrid, and he could fire them all the way.