January 31, 2017

Experts Say – Eintracht Frankfurt vs FC Red Bull Salzburg

Mark Tompkins – Al Kass Analyst

Eintracht Frankfurt were facing a real uphill climb today, and it was only 25 minutes into the
match! It was a fine goal by Aganovic, in the first five minutes. After that goal, there was more
response from Eintracht Frankfurt; they had a great pace of good football, but they just could
not get an opener against the ‘great wall’ created by Red Bull Salzburg in the first half.

The white shirts were quickly around the ball, as soon as Eintracht Frankfurt tried to create
anything. The Kabuya brothers had been absolutely wonderful in this tournament. Football can
sometimes turn around against for you, when you least expect it. Eintracht Frankfurt had some
good pace on the ball, and it looked like they were trying to get some consolation out of the
game today. It was an interesting opening, with the only goals coming from the Austrians.

The second half did not look too busy for either of the goalkeepers. Red Bull Salzburg had
dropped their levels a bit; they were leading by four goals, and now they were just cruising.
Compared to last year, Salzburg had come one position ahead this year; and Eintracht Frankfurt
had impressed us with some great football early on in this tournament.

Chris Makin – Al Kass Analyst

Red Bull Salzburg were looking very dangerous on the field today. I was so pleased with
Aganovic; he was so selfless for his team in the entire tournament. Aganovic and Wallquist are
such engaging characters; they were creating a unique style of ‘forward play’ in this match.
Eintracht Frankfurt just could not seem to get their first touch tonight.

Benjamin Wallquist brought the second goal of the game for the Austrians, and as the keeper
came out to defend the ball, Aganovic made it 3-nil. Eintracht Frankfurt constantly kept losing
possession of the ball, in all the wrong areas. They just could not get behind the defense of Red
Bull Salzburg today. What a comfortable opening this was for Red Bull Salzburg! It was 4-nil at
first half, and that’s the way it stayed.

It was a great pace-play by Cetin in midfield; he had wonderful awareness, and Amoah-Kwafo
was tidying things at the back for the Germans. Justin Kabuya had a great shot for Eintracht
Frankfurt in the last 30 minutes, but he just could not get the ball into the net. Red Bull Salzburg
just seemed too strong for Eintracht Frankfurt today. They were really great in this tournament;
they kept going, but they just seemed a bit ‘leggy’ today.