January 29, 2019


This year, twelve teams from twelve different countries are taking part in the Alkass International Cup. This is what AS Roma have had to say ahead of the tournament:

Massimo Tarantino, Head of the Youth Sector: "We are honored to be present again at a world-class Event. Our children will live a new experience in a nation that they have never visited, and the confrontation with different realities from their everyday life will be a moment of growth, both from a sporting and human point of view. We want to do well and return to Rome as late as possible: in our hearts we would like to reach the final but we know that the journey is long and difficult - but we will try!
All the participating companies address a big greeting, hoping that this moment of sport is a sign of brotherhood, friendship and respect.
I thank, on behalf of the club I represent, the Management of Aspire Academy for the invitation, hospitality and attention that will be reserved to us."

AS Roma have also told us which of their young players are playing at an international level:

International Players: Cancellieri Matteo, Tommaso Pantaleo, and Zalewski Nicola.