February 09, 2019

The Experts Say... Day Five

“Roma look like a complete team, they look like they have been together for a long time. I think they came here with that intention of pushing the big sides like Real Madrid all the way. There’s just something about them. I like the way they’re very comfortable on the ball. Kashiwa Reysol are a very difficult side to play against and really they dealt with them a lot easier than I thought they would. Kashiwa is probably one of the best sides we’ve seen at this tournament keeping the possession of the ball and passing it very quickly. We’ve seen Kashiwa Reysol pulled teams apart in previous years. They got to the final last year. They are a very good team"

- Rhodri Williams, Al Kass Analyst

“ Rangers changed it a bit but they’ve already qualified so they’re relaxed a little bit. I don’t think they realized how good Aspire were. Aspire didn’t play so well in their first game but they came back and they’re back to the best. I thought Mekki Tombari and Fahad Al-Abdullah were fantastic. Aspire were back to their best, they were back to moving the ball quickly, creating opportunities, not giving Rangers any space or time at all. It was a good performance. Both sides will learn from this. Aspire won’t play like they did in the first game and Rangers now realize they have to bring their A-game to every game."

- Nick Summerbee, Al Kass Analyst