January 23, 2018

Experts Say – AC Milan vs Wydad

Mark Tompkins – Al Kass Analyst

It was bright and sunny, when the Italian team came against the Moroccans on the field today. The wind had switched directions - opposite to the direction it had been blowing the last few days - and was behind AC Milan; they could take advantage of it if they wanted to. AC Milan had a good shot right from the opening of the game, and they were also keeping good possession of the ball. Although Haidara’s shot came in and hit the goal post, it was some great technique from the youngster. The Italians did not seem to like the tackles that were coming in from the other team. As the first half came to a close, it was still nil-nil.

It was a positive start for Milan in the second half. It was also a great save from the Moroccan goalkeeper, when AC Milan’s free kick came in. Haidara got a yellow card right after that. Maldini came down with a bad cramp when he was passing the ball – it looked like was a severe one. Niccolo Corti took his chances really well to bring the first goal of game. Rabii, the captain, was given a yellow card in the aftermath of the goal, for complaining. This was a different type of game, and we got to see an aggressive side of Wydad.

Nick Summerbee – Al Kass Analyst

AC Milan had a few good opportunities right from the beginning of the match. Tonin had two different chances to bring a goal, 15 minutes into the game, but he had to do better. He couldn’t really direct the ball past the goalkeeper. There was good pressure from Wydad, trying to stop AC Milan from playing out from the back. Lougmani was trying a long shot into the box, and couldn’t direct the ball to target. He could be seen apologizing to his friends later. We could see some aggressive football by Wydad today, and the referee was giving away a lot of yellow cards. It was good to see the teams making it difficult for each other. This game had a bit of a physical touch to it.

AC Milan was taking control of the game in the second half, and was trying to keep possession of the ball. Olzer had a perfect shot in the start of the second half, and it went over the goal post. Hamdi was doing really well for Wydad; he was chasing the ball and working past the defender. I really felt that some of the players had to stop complaining, and get on with the game. There were a lot of AC Milan players on the ground, but none of the Wydad players were going down with any cramps. Haidara had some really fantastic chances tonight, but he really had to work on his finishing touches. The Wydad goalkeeper let the ball slip by beneath him, and Corti took that opening to bring a goal for AC Milan. Although Wydad did not bring a goal, I think they did really well in this game.