February 14, 2019

The Experts Say... Day 10

"I was blown away by the performance put up by Rangers. They have a good side and have played some good games in the tournament, but I did not expect the level of football they produced against Kashiwa.
Kashiwa also has a strong team but it did not work out for them and it went downhill for them after they conceded their first goal.
If you analyze the game, it hardly looked like if they faced any troubles although they were up against a strong team. Even the one goal they conceded was a world-class strike from outside the box."

Chris Makin, Al Kass Analyst

"This game had the crowd on its feet and was a memorable match. Apart for the first 10-15 minutes, Roma were dominant the first half. They were in total control and you knew that sooner or later they would score, and they finally scored two goals and got a decent advantage.
Everyone was thinking what could Aspire Academy do in the second half, and they came with an incredible comeback. Especially that second goal by Mekki Tombari, I have not seen a better goal than that in this year’s tournament. I am having a hard time remembering a goal as good as this one."

Rhodri Williams, Al Kass Analyst