February 06, 2019

The Experts Say... Day Two

“I was really, really disappointed with Bayern Munich. The best performers were definitely from Étoile Sportive – it was an incredible performance considering it is their debut in this tournament. They thoroughly deserve that win. – Chris Makin, Al Kass Analyst

“What a debut in the tournament for Spartak Moscow. They really attacked Real Madrid tonight. They were unfortunate not to score more goals. But still there was some wonderful play by Spartak Moscow who have been really very impressive. They produced some fabulous attacking play.

“Real Madrid are quite composed on the ball and can always open teams up with their attacking play.

“I’m so glad for Spartak Moscow because nobody knew what to expect from the Russian team but they really impressed us. Hopefully they will get a positive result from the next game.” – Chris Makin, Al Kass Analyst