February 03, 2019


This year, twelve teams from twelve different countries are taking part in the Alkass International Cup. This is what Real Madrid have had to say ahead of the tournament:

Manuel Fernandez: “The tournament is a great opportunity to compete in a fantastic setting”
“It's my second year in this tournament and we're going with the goal of doing our best. We will certainly give our best because is our objective everywhere we go. We also know we will find difficulties during the tournament, tough opponents with a very high quality. We hope our players are able to reach that competitive level during the different steps of the tournament because this will help them overcome all the obstacles that they will find in their path”.
“The tournament offers many opportunities for us as a club and for our players. Culturally, it will give the teams the opportunity to meet players and clubs from a different sports culture. It is also a great opportunity to compete in a fantastic setting with top of the class facilities and organization”.

Real Madrid have also told us which of their young players are the ones to watch in this year's competition:

- Lucas Cañizares Conchello ‘Lucas’ - Goalkeeper: “Tall and experienced goalkeeper, good at catching high balls, who have played for the U17 Spanish National Team after his great performances for Real Madrid”.
- Rafael Marín Zamora ‘Rafa’ - Centre-back: “Solid center-back who stands out for intercepting passes and contesting headers”.
- Javier Rueda García ‘Javi Rueda’ - Right-back: “Great and skillful right-back who, thanks to his power, is able to be dominant in the defensive line and, at the same time, be good at attacking”.

Real Madrid have also told us which of their young players are playing at an international level:
Lucas Cañizares, Álvaro Carrillo, David Cuenca, Óscar Aranda, Javier Rueda and Pau Russó (Spain), and Andri Gudjhonsen (Iceland).