Since 1900

Representing Germany in the Alkass International Cup 2019, Bayern Munich FC is one of the best sides in the Bundesliga. Founded in 1900, it has been one of the most successful football clubs in Germany’s history, with a record of 28 national titles and 18 national cups. Moreover, Bayern Munich FC has a total of five UEFA Champions League Cups to their name, and they won the FIFA Club World Cup in 2013. The team is captained by a world class goal keeper, Manuel Neuer. The youth academy, Bayern Munich Junior Team, was established in 1902 and many of its players have graduated to be regular players in Germany and the Bundesliga. The Junior Team have won the U17 Bundesliga five times, with their most recent achieved in 2017. The U17 Bayern Munich have participated on two previous occasions in the Alkass International Cup, in 2015 and 2017. They bring 7 International Team Players with them to this year’s tournament and their head coach Miroslav Klose, a former Striker at Bayern Muunich and World Cup Winner with Germany said this, “We are looking forward in participating in this high-class tournament once again. Our players will gain valuable experiences on and off the pitch.”