February 07, 2019

The Experts Say... Day Three

Rhodri Williams, Al Kass Analyst -

"I know that Raja Casablanca had Yahya Laamech sent off and, after that, Rangers dominated the game but to be honest they were dominating before that. They look extremely strong, they’re physically strong, and also very mature in the way they play. This looks like a real mature team who could maybe go quite far in this tournament, even win it.

The man of the match, Kai Kennedy, has trained with the Rangers’ first
team so he’s already performing at the highest level and that showed. Along with Aslan Mutaliev of Spartak Moscow he is one of the players of the tournament so far."

Nick Summerbee, Al Kass Analyst -

I was very surprised by how easily PSG were beaten. They’ve won it three times before and I don’t know if they’ve got a younger side this time but the first game we saw them play they didn’t seem very strong. We thought tonight they would bounce back and it wasn’t to be the case, but it was a very strong Roma.
Without a shadow of a doubt Roma can win the tournament. I would say Spartak Moscow, Real Madrid, Roma, Etoile Sportive all have a chance. We’re starting to see more quality coming through. It’s a little bit of a slow starter but now we’re slowly starting to see a better football. Rangers as well by the way. Rangers have a chance as well. It’s getting good now, it’s getting exciting.